Design Philosophy

Discovering home is more than my tagline:

it is the essence of my design philosophy.

Home is not a showroom. It is a tapestry of adventure, memories, and experiences. I believe the key to a well-designed (and loved) home starts with guiding my clients on a journey of self-discovery. This method isn’t for the faint of heart: I’m asking clients to bring our working relationship into a collaborative place of vulnerability and trust. But this unique approach allows me to intimately understand the design elements that will bring surprise and delight to their space.


What this means..

For some, that means functionality and efficient space planning to ease their frustration with a lack of flow or storage needs. For others, it means finding a piece of art or furniture that reflects their life journey, heritage or favorite memories. Being able to combine both function and aesthetic is the holy grail of all designers. For me, a job well done is when I can create a balance of form, function, and feeling. It’s a privilege and a gift to create that feeling in someone’s life and it’s why I’ve been discovering home for over 25 years.


Take the journey with me…

Justine Sterling Design offers full service fixed-fee interior design projects and room-by-room projects offered in the Greater Boston area. 
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