It all started with a wild flower…

Specifically one I saw countless times on one of many walks in my sister’s new home in a village estate in Constantia in Cape Town. That’s where Proteas grow wild and are abundant. After a trip to Cape Town in Fall last year, I felt driven to bring a little piece of South Africa with me, better yet, create a capsule collection here on US soil, inspired by the wild-grown Protea flower.

It truly was a decade long dream to create curated products.

Discovering Home is my design philosophy. There is nothing more special to me than the story and character in a client’s home.

So, when I met Annie Damphousse through local friends and saw her textile collection, I knew she would be the one to help me begin this journey of products based on my story.


the discovering home indigenous collection in collaboration with housse studio

The Discovering Home Collection

a collaboration with Housse Studio

The first products we developed is a set of pillows in collaboration with Annie Damphouse of Housse Studio.

After photographing proteas, the colorways of leaf, sand, stone and ocean, inspired by the South African palette I know so well became the base for our Indigenious One and Indigenious Two pillow line.

Housse Studio uses all water-based eco-friendly dyes and captured the spirit of South Africa perfectly. This collaboration is one of hopefully many in the future. We can’t wait to share a piece of our journey in your home.