As time moves forward so do design trends and styles, and a new year brings unique ways to decorate your home. 2020 will come with some bold, eye-catching new design trends that will look great in any home. With all of these new and exciting ways to decorate your home, Redfin asked some top interior designers located across the nation to share what styles they think will capture your interest in the coming year.

We were thrilled to offer our opinion:

Just look up! Ceilings are one of the best ways to add more layers and details into an interior. Imagine a darker color, that connects all of the other pieces in a room. It adds visual warmth and coziness. I have incorporated this into client’s homes by painting and Wallcovering ceilings on different projects often just in one special room. It tends to work best in medium-sized spaces, not in a large great room for instance. If you have Wallcovering on a wall, use the darker tone on the ceiling in a painted finish. Or if the room has neutral painted walls, find an accent color in the room that could be reflected on the ceiling. Have fun with it, but perhaps test out your visual appetite for adding drama in a small space like a powder room. 

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Featured photo by Jessica Delaney Photography.